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Jan 11, 2013 8:00am PST
] >> captain paul chignell, along with officers tastings ahastingd lopez. >> good evening to you all. my pleasure to introduce richard hastings and that lopez. -- matt lopez. saturday, july 16, 2011, officer richard hastings and asked matt lopez were on duty and in uniform. their primary assignment was to be on a fixed post detail on the imminence of a railway platform on third street between oakdale avenue and plu avenue. this platform and the surrounding areas are notorious for high incidence of robberies, aggravated assaults, indiscriminate shootings, gang activity, illegal firearm possession, as well as a multitude of quality of life cripes. the bayview station has dedicated a high-level police resources to this area, particularly to a recent rash of robberies on and adjacent to the platform. well on the platform, officers tastings and lopez contacted the subject later identified as kenneth harding jr.. he was on the railway vehicle. the officers determined the suspect was riding without benefit obtained. the officers escorted the subject off of the vehicle without incident and requ
Jan 5, 2013 11:30pm EST
say they know why. why curtis lopez committed such an awful crime. the death of his estranged wife and her son. lopez and his wife married when he was still in prison. in september 2011, lopez asked hearing sheer inherited some money. that -- some say that is why -- lopez killed her her son. >> this man deserves to die in jail. >> he will be sentenced april 17. as sentence for a carjacking incident. those numbers are a far cry 1991. 479 people killed and call the murder casual. crime cameras are making a difference. are reuse of technology has been important. of technology has been important. more guns are in use. a 30s say they are concerned about a rise in sexual assault. say they are concerned about a rise in sexual assault. onmberly suiters has more this story. is exactlyg, this the way he would have wanted to be remembered. any day. is smiling happened through tears on this day. >> he was doing what he loved. >> what he loved was serving and protecting. ♪ >> families showed up by the hundreds to honor their fallen brother. >> we know there is a chance they may not come back.
Dec 31, 2012 7:30pm PST
with this issue, today i don't see any. there are not any here, aliana lopez had a different perspective she was never brought into the conversation as somebody who was part of the conversation should never have bought into the conversation. and so hopefully, that occurs, and i hope that in the future, that women like myself, who actually have shown or who have a lot of compassion, who have been who certainly are not in support of domestic violence, perpetrators that this kind of bullying from the movement, does not continue to occur. and i think that it is really too bad that i have been sort of a scapegoated in this way. so, that being said, it is you know, again, i am glad that the issue of domestic violence is being highlighted in this city. i hope that more resources again, go into educating people maybe, even on on the in the school levels where you have a lot of young people, a lot of people in elementary school age who are being exposed to violence in their homes. and that they learn early too that that is not the type of behavior that they should be engaged in as they get older and
Jan 4, 2013 5:00pm EST
it to his 18- year-old girlfriend. they presented a barrage of damning evidence including lopez in mcquain's car, and an atm taking money out of her account shortly after her murder. they also presented images of lopez with mcquain's 11-year-old son, william, shortly before he vanished, and photos of the barbell used to paul mcquain in her bed and the knife used to fatally stabbed her. the police found at mcquain's body in her germantown apartment after her co-workers reported her missing, but william claimed was missing. he had been beaten to death with a baseball bat and was found in the woods. >> he was led down the pathway and bludgeoned with the bat in a horrible manner. >> prosecutors showed surveillance video of lopez taking a back into the car while an unsuspecting 11-year- old boys sat in the front passenger seat. that was found at the murder scene. prosecutors say that lopez was in charlotte after the murders trying to sell mcquain's flat screen tv and her antique tiffany lamp. >> this man should never walk the street again a free man. he deserves to die in jail. >> at the end of
Jan 22, 2013 7:00am PST
excited. jennifer lopez is taking over our second hour. you do not want to miss that. it's going to be spicy. >> all right. >>> we might need some spice. we have some very cold temperatures, dangerous temperatures, actually, freezing much of the united states right now. sam is tracking the very latest for us. sam? >> yeah, anything that will warm you up. 19 states, by the way, from north dakota, to north carolina, all the way into maine, have these advisories, these windchill advisories. look at it. international falls at 38 below zero. that's the way it feels right now. charleston, came up to one degree from zero. over the past couple of hours. pittsburgh, good morning. it feels like it's seven below this morning. and new york, step outside. it feels like it's in the single digits. here's this cold air. basically the idea here is, some of this cold air will drop in the south. as it came in, it had enough punch with these winds and a little bit of snow to snarl traffic and cause some big accidents, in just about one-quarter of the country. take a look. overnight, arctic air and b
Jan 17, 2013 11:35pm EST
>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight -- mark wahlberg. jennifer lopez. and "science bob" pflugfelder. with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: welcome. hi there, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming to see us in person. look, i know things are a little tense between us right now, but what do you say we forget about the past and just live in the today, you know? on monday, which is martin luther king day, the presidential inauguration celebration as barack obama begins his second term as president of the united states in washington, d.c. they'll have parades, they'll have entertainment, they have music from beyonce, stevie wonder, queen latifah, movie stars like kirsten dunst, alfre woodard, queen latifah. they have to do it on sunday, because legally it has to take place on january 20th. but i have a feeling most people will be too focused on football and honey boo boo to watch any of it. in general, more people claim they watch things like the presidential inauguration than actual
Jan 19, 2013 8:00pm PST
eliana lopez are being sued by their neighbors. ivory madison andclaim mirkarimd lopez accused them of lying to police. they also charge mirkarimi and lopez of being part of a political conspiracy to make money. the accusations came after lopez confided in madison about a december 20-11 incident in which mirkarimi grabbed his wife's arm during an argument. madison recorded a video of lopez recounting the incident and then reported it to police days later. that video became the centerpiece of the domestic mirkirimi. >> cyclist lance armstrong confesses to doping and now the world around him has changed. ed lavandera takes a closer look. >> reporter: just after the u-s anti-doping agency released it's "reasoned decision" report last october condemning lance armstrong as a doper. the cycling icon made his first public appearance in one of the few safe places he had left. armstrong had just stepped down as the chairman of livestrong, days before the foundation's annual ride for the roses charity biking event in austin, texas. he was surrounded by more than 4-thousand cyclists. many of t
Jan 19, 2013 7:00am PST
at the bridge with traffic. >> san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi and his wife eliana lopez are being sued by their neighbors. ivory madison and her husband claim mirkarimi and lopez accused them of lying to police. they also charge mirkarimi and lopez of being part of a political conspiracy to seek financial gain. the accusations came after lopez confided in madison about a december 2011 incident in which mirkarimi grabbed her arm during an argument. madison recorded a video of lopez recounting the incident and then reported it to police days later. it became the centerpiece of the case against mirkirimi. nations have adopted the first legally-binding treatyu-n officials say the treaty was approved this morning after all-night negotiations. mercury is a highly toxic metal. it's currently used in many industries and products, including thermometers and energy-saving light bulbs. some environmentalists say the treaty is a good first step. but they also say it should require that each country create plans for reducing emissions. bamut >> it could be weeks before we know the results of a seco
Jan 15, 2013 11:00pm PST
pareja de lopez supuestamente le paga a su pareja, mucho más dinero que al resto de sus bailarines. >> luis fonsi contesto los detalles de su ex en el libro, el se habia mantenido al margen, pero que no puede callar cuando se le difama. >> damari lopez reacciono, y dice estar tranquila y en paz, ya que queria desahogarse, esto es todo. >> los habitantes de alameda podrian ahorrar cientos de dolares, alientas a los dueños de casa con la energia, si instala material aislante, podria recibir 1500 dolares, para saber quienes califican visita la pagina. >> el capitan que navegaba el buque petrolero hizo una maniobra de alto riesgo, la informacion apunta que se debio a problemas del capitan, esto creo un problema de transito. >> un agente murio en deber, kevin tomm recibio un disparo mortal cuando recibio un llamado para detener un asaltante, el malhechor se suicido, trabajaba hace tres años y medio. >> robos a domicilios, la gente hecha la culpa a la superpoblacion de carceles, esto derivo en un aumento en el indice de robos, cometidos en teoria de ex reos. >> la capital se prepara pa
Jan 17, 2013 11:35pm PST
. jennifer lopez is here. mark wahlberg is here. not only will tonight's show be entertaining, it's going to be educational too thanks to our friend "science bob" pflugfelder. this is from science bob's work on past shows. he makes things explode, he lit me on fire, he blew up some pumpkins, he launched a bunch of ping-pong balls everywhere. he made a giant mushroom cloud inside our studio. so tonight we thought it would be a good idea to put him outside, at least for the beginning of the show. say hello to "science bob" pflugfelder, everyone. hello, bob. [ applause ] when we come back from the break, you are going to miraculously spray that beer all over hollywood, is that correct? >> yeah, we've got a high frequency ultrasonic medical equipment cleaner. >> jimmy: of course you do. now, grab the guy dressed as sponge bob so he can mop up afterwards. when we come back, science bob will amaze you. and mark wahlberg and j-lo, too. come on back. at h&r block... you could get money - now. bring in your latest pay stub and you could get an emerald advance line of credit... for up to $1000. hur
Jan 25, 2013 12:00pm CST
a woman in the northwest suburbs authorities say joseph lopez junior severely beat a woman late tuesday night in unincorporated palatine. lopez is 34 years old. he is considered armed and dangerous.. the sheriff's office says lopez has threatened to shoot police officers who come into contact with him and to kill himself. annyone with information on lopez is asked to call authorities. a south side pastor's donation to a politician on parole. creates another round of legal charges. pastor corey brooks, of new beginnings church, gave 200- thousand dollars to former detroit mayor kwame kilpatrick. kilpatrick resigned from office in 2008 following a texting- scandal. he is currently facing federal racketeering charges. last night, he was served with 14 parole violations. he allegedly transferred and inaccurately reported money transfers, including from pastor brooks. he has agreed to waive the parole violation process and serve three days in custody. attorneys for three men accused of plotting to use firebombs during last year's nato summit in chicago are asking the charges be dismissed.
Jan 18, 2013 11:35pm EST
blows things up. >> jennifer lopez reminiscent. >> you miss stephen tyler? >> mark wahlberg kind of sings, and this week an unmess sensorship. now here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ >> jimmy: thank you for watching. welcome it our home here in hollywood. it was -- it's been cold here, and i can't really explain why. the high today was 59 degrees, which isn't very cold, but for some reason it feels like it's 9 degrees outside. we had an outdoor concert last night. people were wearing uggs on their head it was so cold. we're not used to this here in l.a. we're delicate people. even our kids were delicate. our local news went to an elementary school in burbank yesterday. watch these kids. they're freezing, even though it's sunday, and they don't have their jackets zipped up. >> on the playground at red heart elementary students cleared out for lunch and recess. >> i would rather be, like, somewhere in chicago where it's always hot. >> public school. >> jimmy: sorry, everyone in chicago. the president will be worn in on sunday. they have to do it on sunday because legally it has to take place
Comedy Central
Jan 22, 2013 11:00pm PST
name is jon stewart. good one tonight. great one tonight. jennifer lopez is joining us tonight. first time on the program. [cheers and applause] a singer of note suggests a powerful controversy out of washington tonight. >> beyonce may have lip synced the national anthem. this has never happened before where it was pretaped. >> jon: it's worse than that. it may not have been bon yeah at all but noted mantei te'o prankster ronaiah tuiasosopo. tuiasosopo. say it didn't tru'e. [ laughter ] maybe beyonce lip synced who gives a (bleep). she's a phenomenal singer. did you see clarkson, brought game! ♪ great god our king >> jon: boom! [cheers and applause] woman has game! either way it's still better than what we would have had if romney won. ♪ from sea to shining sea yeah ♪ [ laughter ] >> jon: nailed it. [ laughter ] it was all part and parcel of the pomp and circumstance of president barack obama'sel second inauguration. -- obama's second inauguration. yesterday's events had everything a new inaug-ofile would love. the large crowds, the swearing in, the walking, the waving, a fairyt
Jan 25, 2013 1:30pm PST
lopez is in it. i have this weird need to see everybody movie that jennifer lopez is in. >> i love her. >> what? >> i have to know if you're wearing a wire. >> i'll walk out of the movie right after that scene. >> that's all i need to see. >> i haven't seen it but i bet jason plays a guy who doesn't take any crap for anybody. >> let's go through the tough guy list. just hit a moving car. >> check. >> wearing a disguise. >> check. >> make out with hot girl in the shower. >> check. >> doesn't care about anything. >> check. >> he he's basically like the hotter british bruce willis. right? >> you huh-huh. >> skip it. >> they got a whole bunch of random celebrity doing like outrageous crazy things. >> truth or dare. see that blind kid over there? i dare you to blow out his candles before he gets a chance to. >> one of the major selling points of this film is that halle berry is in it and there is a scene where she rubs guacamole all over her neck and breasts. >> those are not her breasts. they're fake breasts. >> ticket. >> ticket. >> once is never enough. ticket again. >> finally, we have
Jan 28, 2013 1:30pm PST
to split up is mark anthony and his girlfriend. a few days later jennifer lopez was spotted going into mark anthony's hotel room. >> was it a woman or a man? is he gay, is he straight? >> that really matter? >>> headkrack wrapping the week up. let's get this thing going live early. >> this is "dish nation," entertainment news show. coast to coast from new york. the ricky smiley show, atlanta and beyond. kidd kraddick, world champion from the heart of texas. this is "dish nation." >>> allegedly kim has offered kris $10 million to divorce her. $10 million. and he still won't do it. he wants a 100% annulment saying that the marriage was fraud. >> at first it was $7 million that he offered right after they had the break jup. kris is so immature. $10 million. >> i think it is totally cool that there's one person on earth who can't be bought by kim kardashian. >> the problem is kris doesn't understand what $10 million is. know what i'm sayin'? she should have like put it in another term. >> how about 20 million reese's cups. >> he's like i could have a mountain of chocolate and peanut butter good
Jan 21, 2013 1:30pm PST
! >>> there is trouble in paradise for jennifer lopez and her tiny child boyfriend casper smart. >> all right. the age difference is really an issue for her. she's concerned he's going to leave her for somebody younger. she even said to him, and i quote, why don't you go find a young girlfriend and get out of here. what do you want with me? then you think to yourself, how long is this going to be? >> that's telling him to get the hell out. >> she can't do that because he doesn't have any money. >> he was in "alvin and the chipmunks." >> the squeakquel lived up to it. >> she looks fantastic. >> she looks fantastic for her age -- that's what you said? >> she looks fantastic, period. >> well, she's still 43. and what is he, 25? >> yes. she's had no botox or plastic surgery. >> okay. >> that's what she said in the "people" magazine article. don't look at me like that. >> she wasn't under oath when she said that. >> that boy is going to say he's in it for the money and the notoriety. i think he's in it because she's jennifer lopez. >> she's wondering if you'll be with me ten years from now -- >> would you
Jan 28, 2013 11:00pm EST
-0 a herecia osman lopez y oscar isaula los anotadores, en quetzaltenando, xelaju le gano 3-1 a juventud escuintleca goles de kevin arreola, luis alay, israel silva y edwin willatoro, en san miguel petapa, la universidad de san carlos de visita derroto 2-1 a petapa con goles de carlos kamiani, sandro zamboni y fernando gallo, y cerro la jornada en mictlan goleando 3-0 a halcones la mesilla, dos anotaciones de carlos asprilla y anibal pacheco le di la victoria a los conejos, el partido entre municipal y comunicaciones se jugara en seguimos en centro america y nos vamos ahonduras con una jornada muy disputada. el campeon olimpia sigue su paso firme en la presente temporada, ayer de local supero 2-1 al atletico choloma con anotaciones de ramiro bruschi a los 8 minutos, alexander lopez aumento a los 57 y de penal osman hernandez desco a los 69 minutos el triunfo del olimpia 2-1. real espaÑana no pudo de local termino empatando 1-1 con pletense, victoria saco provecho de su localia pra derrotar al marathon 2-0. quien sigue por la calle de la amargura es motagua que de visita perdio 3-2 ante
Jan 18, 2013 11:00pm PST
by their next door neighbors. they claim that mirkarimi and lopez damaged their reputations. madison videotaped a cheerful lopez, and that's the cell phone video, following the confrontation with mirkarimi. they say they falsely accused madison and her husband of conspiracy and lying to police. we did speak with the lawyer tonight who represented mirkarimi, he said, quote, this is another unfortunate example of a baseless lawsuit that will clog up the court system. i have no doubt it will be dismissed. and lopez's attorney called this case a disappointment. >>> in the east bay, a search is on for a 13-year-old girl who has been missed for more than 36 hours. she didn't show up for school thursday. her family believes she was abducted by a 23-year-old former family friend. sheriff's deputies believe the teenager ran away. she was last seen on surveillance video dropping opher little center. they're using flyers and social media in hopes of locating the teenager. >> a berkeley man may have died trying to save his girlfriend after they got stranded due to bad weather. the bodies of 54-year-old eri
Jan 17, 2013 11:00pm PST
kimmel live. >> tonight on the show jennifer lopez. bob and my dramatic sit down with mark wahlberg who confesses that he is from boston. i knew were you from boston. >> i'm sorry jimmy. >> it's fine. >> i apologize. >> jimmy kimmel live starts >> jimmy kimmel live starts right after >> if you are thinking about buying a gift card watch out. we have warning about thieves stealing money right off the cards. santa cruz county sheriff's department says gift card fraud is on the rise. thieves steal money from the cards by scanning the bar code and creating a duplicate. once you load the card with money, they use their copy to buy merchandise. investigators say it happened three times recen recently at santa cruz safeway stores. tip from michael you can avoid theft by purchasing cards that are sealed in a package and do not have an exposed bar code. >> good tip. >>> first of hundreds of lawsuits involving death and injuries from sudden axle inflammation toyota vehicles has now been settled. this camry slammed into a wall in utah. no financialal terms exposed. remaining law firm not a
Jan 25, 2013 7:00am PST
at 10:00 on cbs. >>> jennifer lopez has had a few changes in her life including her boirfriend who's 18 years her junior. all right. i asked j.lo about that. what does her mom [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald >>> hi, everyone. good morning. 8:25. i'm frank mallicoat with your cbs 5 news headlines. the drakes bay oyster company sued the government about an expired release in the point reyes seashore. a judge will hear the case today whether they will be evicted. >>> two high school students shot wednesday afternoon were asked about shoes on a walking path near the el cerrito bart station. police didn't elaborate on the types of shoes. those teens are expected to make a full recovery. the two gunmen though are still on the loose. >>> and san francisc
Jan 18, 2013 6:00pm PST
a tearful lopez following a new year's eve confrontation with mirkarimi, a central part of the violence case against the sheriff. the defamation suit claims they falsely accused madison and her husband of conspiracy, practicing law without a license, and lying to police. tonight lopez's attorney told us the suit was disappointing and she thought everyone was ready to move on. >>> it started as a fun and even cute way to communicate with your neighbors, but it's turned into a vital link for a quiet menlo park neighborhood under fire. a robbery and police chase shut down several streets and because of the social network, the neighbors knew exactly what was coming in a story you'll see only on nbc bay area, our business and tech reporter scott budman shows us how technology helped calm nerves in a very quiet neighborhood. >> reporter: you're absolutely right, raj. neighbors around this part of town are used to talking but not fighting crime. when police and robbers squared off on these streets, those neighbors got social to stay safe. a neighborhood in chaos. a nearby jewelry store robbed by gu
Jan 12, 2013 5:00am PST
con jeniffer lopez y también hubo rumores pero bueno como fue eso? >> ella es innata para la comedia y es muy divertida. >> dicen que tuvieron un romance pero todo fue un rumor. >> si claro y ella es boricua como yo y cuál es la mujer ideal para casarte y tener hijos? >> creo que no hay formula y no se puede explicar hay que enamorarse y esto no se explica. >> y tú ya tienes la llave de la ciudad de miami te la entrego el alcalde así que miami es tú casa. >> si ya lo era me recuerda mucho a rio yo vivo allá y es muy linda. >> el clima es lindo pero aunque sea invierno siempre me gusta lo paso muy bien, >> eres el príncipe de brasil y ahora de estados unidos y hablas 4 idiomas"! >> si un poco de italiano. >> y el ♪y como se nos olvidó ♪lo que más importa es tú y yo♪ ♪si confrontamos lo que la vida nos traerá♪ ♪el amor siempre vencerá brellevar el estrés. ♪el amor siempre vencerá sin darme cuenta, el alcohol se apoderó de mi vida. encontrar el valor para ir a esa primera reunión de alcohólicos anónimos es lo mejor que he hecho. obtuve apoyo de gente que ent
Jan 25, 2013 6:00pm PST
y necesita 8 semanas de descanso contrataron a diego lopez. >> santos con panza de leon. >> chupete nego haber firmado a pesar de que el proceso va en viento en popa. >> por procesos fiscales los colonos se quedan sin instalaciones. >> llamaron a chucho benitez para el llamado del tri. >> andy murray enfrentara a novak djocovic en la final del torneo. >> messi no practico después de salir al juego con una sobrecarga muscular y dos santos necesita 15 dis de recuperacion. >> falta días para el evento de la nfl, en new orleans. >> quiero que disfruten cada minuto y la comptenecia, hay que jugar el partido y que .... que
Jan 12, 2013 10:30pm PST
seem to follow, a key man in the bull pen against this here, number 49, javier lopez. [cheers and applause] >> another one of brian saibian's great season moves picking up this left hander. jose mijares. >> literally he was unhittable in the world series and the post season. sergio romo. [cheers and applause] >> hard to describe what a job this next guy did. he became the giants' ultimate weapons in the playoffs in the world series, tim lincecum. [cheers and applause] >> and adding to the bull pen veteran guillermo mota. >> a pitcher who made the debut t
Jan 19, 2013 11:00pm EST
know me, the british mario lopez. this week a series of sin
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 211 (some duplicates have been removed)